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Posted by TardisPeanutMusic - May 6th, 2019

Apparently, i've hit over 50 fans on Newgrounds. Time for Epic Battle Royale yet? Pshhh.

Where all the E P I C N E S S comes is only at over 100 fans, and yet, we're in a mid way. That might happen in a year or so..

This was one quick um, feed update how i've been doing and so.

Thank you and see ya Fellas! Happy listens!

PS. I am back doing even sweeter Progressive house tunes, and i believe, that you, will enjoy it.



Posted by TardisPeanutMusic - January 14th, 2019

Okay so, it has been almost a month and holy sh#t!
Only in two or three weeks, i've done three new songs. which one is a remix. pretty sweet, eh?

Anyways, I have two more things to mention in this "News Post"

1. New Ep/Album coming in 24th of June

Okay so, the "three" songs you've brobrably have listened so far, are included in the EP/Album.
The Name of the Album is "Life's Wonders". (also this has been originally a joke in Canonblade's server but eh, decided to make it happen anyway lol.)

Life's Wonders EP/Album is a ep/album that gives you the feelings of diffirent things troughout your life.

2. Goals for 2019:
    - Getting started in Youtube: This is what i've wanted to do for a  l o n g  time.

    - More listeners

    - Trying sound design

In these feelings, i hope you all emotional new year!                 -Astedroid (Joonas Tapanainen)
ps. Make sure you have joined my discord community: https://discord.gg/tHpgPHa


Posted by TardisPeanutMusic - October 17th, 2018


No matter are you a Weeb, Furry, a Living Creature with depression, you're free to join Astedroid's Home.
In Astedroid's Home, feel free to talk about your problems and we try our best to help you find the joy in your life again. In Astedroid's Home, you'll get:
- 💡 Daily facts!
- 🔥 Power to talk!
- 📚 Have your own room for your unique stuff!
- 🗣 A lot of friendly people!
- 🎧 24/7 Monstercat Radio!
- 🔔 Get notified when Astedroid posts new music!
- 🔞 Access to NSFW if you want!
- 🦄 A Brony / Pegasister Safe!
- 🇫🇮 Mahdollisuus puhua suomea!
And a lot of more!




Posted by TardisPeanutMusic - June 23rd, 2018


Mostly this albums meaning is celebrate my 14th birthay! (Wich is tomorrow)
 I am working on a song (specially for this) named R3VO.

Release date:

You may think when i am releasing my 1st album. I release it when i finish the R3VO. Aka probraly on next week.

Enjoy this upcoming album and BE hyped!

 -Astedroid (Joonas Tapanainen)


Posted by TardisPeanutMusic - April 6th, 2018

Since i sended to Robtop a private message in here Newgrounds, he removed me from the so called Whitelist.

Sended message to RobTop:

Subject: May i use my songs in Geometry Dash

Message: So. The thing is, that i want to use my (ORIGINAL) content on Geometry Dash.

All i've uploaded on my account are 100% by me.

Hope you answer soon.
                                                                                                                - TPM / Astedroid

(some my social links)

That means, you all can use my songs freely in the world of Geometry Dash

But, once again, i and you will see soon!

                                                                                                                                         -Astedroid 19:50 6.4.2018


Posted by TardisPeanutMusic - March 28th, 2018

Posted by TardisPeanutMusic - March 26th, 2018


I'm so hyped.

As the Subject tells, I HAVE MY SONGS SOON IN THE SPOTIFY! (and at other stores)


I'm going to get a HUGE step on my history.

I'll do other post since My Falling From Sky and Glory Rise are released on there.

For now, i will see you guys soon!                                                                                                    -Astedroid 18

Posted by TardisPeanutMusic - February 24th, 2018

It's me! Astedroid!

Since i changed my name and stuff, i am like brand new!

But there's still one thing that is annoying me, THE FU**ING ART BLOCK!!!

That eguals to, that i cannot create ANY music! (don't worry, i will soon)

And to being dead. SADLY, OOPS! :,D

But, i'm always trying hard to make EVEN something.

Follow/Sub/Like me on theese Socialmedias!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/astedroid

Twitter: https://twitter.com/realastedroid

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/real_astedroid

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/astedroidmusic

See you soon! ;D

Posted by TardisPeanutMusic - January 1st, 2018

So, yeah.

The 2018 year is already started so far.

I hope this year would go little bit slower, because the year 2017 was SO fast.


To the important things!

If you, who's looking this now. Go and share my musics and stuff to your friends to bigger things.

AKA, My songs would be alivalible in Geometry Dash, More fans, " Not the Fans fans.... Anyone got it? idk."

and Stuff.

I wish to you all Happy New year and Happy starting 2018!                                          TardisPeanut.Official 1.1.2018